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The MBA programme was started in the academic year 2010 with the approval of the AICTE, affiliation of JTNUK & Accredited by NAAC. The programme emphasizes on enabling students to be proficient in theoretical concepts of management as well as application of information technology. The programme content is enriched through a variety of innovative modules that rekindle and regenerate the students rightly to match themselves with corporate and business needs. Behavior modeling of students is taken up through periodic counseling and guidance. Students are more oriented to be involved learner to acquired skills of an effective communicator, performer, analysts and decision-makers. Pre-internship training and project guidance are initiated on innovative lines. Student’s personality traits are refined through formal and informal interactive sessions in management, economics, commerce, behavioral and other related disciplines of study. Placement, counseling and guidance is done with student centric strategy and perpetual interface with corporate and business across different sectors of the economy. The Department of Management Studies has committed to quality education and shaping students as industry-oriented professional Managers.  The Department of Management Studies organizes workshops, seminars, conferences regularly.   
Vision: To become a world-class management institute known for its expertise in developing intellectual capital in high-thinking management professionals, entrepreneurs, and socially responsible citizens. Mission: To develop future business leaders by providing high-quality, value-based education, research, and practical training that meets industry standards. To encourage students and teachers to be enthusiastic about learning and to think creatively. To develop management professionals with a global outlook, excellent professional competence, exceptional leadership qualities, and unblemished personal integrity.
Prof. P. Subba Rao, Vice-Chancellor, Millennium University, Malawi. Prof. P. Venkateswarlu, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. Dr. Sukumar Chitturi, CEO, OMNI Hospitals, Visakhapatnam. Mr. Bonam Rajesh, Commerce Architect, SAP Hybris, Australia.
List of faculty members:
  3. Mr P B N KIRAN
  6. Mr B G S PRASAD
  8. Mrs D A M BENZI
PEOs, POs, PSOs and COs: PEO 1 - To prepare management professionals with global mindset having high professional competence, outstanding leadership qualities and impeccable personal integrity.   POs: 1.Recognize the functioning of business opportunities involvement of business enterprises and exploring the entrepreneurial opportunities. 2. Develop incubation center and entrepreneurship development center for students who intent to take up start up or grow existing business. 3. Develop skills on analyzing the business data application of relevant analysis and problem solving. 4. Demonstrate a global outlook with the ability to identify aspects of the global business and cross-cultural understanding 5. Identify the contemporary social problems, exploring the opportunities for social entrepreneurship, designing business solutions and demonstrate ethical standards in organizational decision making. 6. Develop effective and oral communication especially in business applications, with the use of appropriate technology. 7. Collaborate and lead terms across organizational boundaries and demonstrate leadership qualities, maximize the uses of diverse skill of term members in the related context.   PSOs:
  1. After studying for 2years, the students get the theoretical as well as practical knowledge about the different aspects of the business perspectives which prepare them to work in the government and private organizations at executive, middle and top-level posts. 2. Students can work in various functional areas like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Agri-business, and Operations Management 3. Students are able to work in various industries like manufacturing, service, retail, telecommunication, automobile, banking and finance etc. 4. Programme prepares the students to set up business enterprise and manage diversified growth of entrepreneurship.
Facilities & Infrastructure: e-Class Rooms, Seminar Hall, Activity room, Computer lab.
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Student Branch/es: MBA Intake 180. MBA Finance, HR, Marketing.