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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory

Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory is a common Lab Course taught in First year. The lab has modules designed by our own staff as per the recent curriculum to carry out experiments in Electrical Engineering. The experiments are designed to expose students to the practical executions on the fundamental theories of Electrical Engineering. Major equipments in this Laboratory are Cut section of Three phase Slip ring Induction Motor, Cut section of DC Motor, Generator, Single phase transformer.

Electrical Machines Laboratory-I & II

The Electrical  Machines laboratory I & II course deals with the conduction of Experiments  on transformers, synchronous machines, DC machines and Induction motor .The students  will perform the experiments in their second year and gain practical knowledge about the working & performance of electrical machines. The major equipment’s in this laboratory are single and three phase Transformers,Synchronous Machines,Induction Motors,DC Machines.

Electronics Laboratory

Electronics laboratory course includes the design and implementation of various digital and analog circuits. The types of equipment used in the lab for the conduction of experiments are Digital Trainer Kit, Cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO), Regulated Power supplies, function generators, Transistors, and Digital ICs, etc. The experiments are conducted to analyse the performance of diode rectifies, amplifies, oscillators, Digital computational and sequential circuits.

Power Electronics Laboratory

Power Electronics Laboratory course in intended to provide knowledge on power semiconductor devices and power converters. This laboratory will help the students to gain knowledge on power converters and its applications to electric drives. The major equipment in this laboratory are Variable Regulated Power Supply (VRPS),Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) and signal generators, converters, and control modules.

Control System Laboratory

Control System Laboratory is intended to provide knowledge on analysis of control system performances for a given specification. The lab course consists of both hardware and software methods for analyzing the performance and stability of a system. The major equipment’s in control systems are DC and AC servo motors, Synchro pair, control circuit modules.

Power System Simulation Laboratory

Power System Simulation Laboratory course is designed for simulation studies of power system problems such as power flow studies, short circuit analysis and optimization studies using MATLAB and Simulink Software