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Computer Science & Engineering




PEO 1 – Students will be able to use modern engineering tools and automated techniques to design and develop solutions to real-life problems.

PEO 2 – Possess a wide range of effective practical skills in computer science and engineering, the ability to analyze and interpret experimental results in the marginal field of computer science and engineering, and be interested in higher education and research in multidisciplinary fields.

PEO 3 – Participate in professional development through effective communication, ethics and teamwork, and adapt to current trends through lifelong learning.


PSO 1 – Design, develop and test system software and application software for centralized and distributed computing environments across different fields and platforms.

PSO 2 – Real-time understanding of the operation of the new hardware architecture and components and design solutions to problems.

PSO 3 – Model computer-based systems and design algorithms, and explore understanding the tradeoffs involved in design options.


PO1 – Graduates will be able to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering foundations, and computer science and engineering principles to solve complex problems in different fields.

PO2 – Graduates can use the basic principles of science and engineering to identify, formulate, and study contemporary literature, analyze real-life problems and draw effective conclusions.

PO3 – Graduates will be able to design solutions to engineering problems that require in-depth knowledge of informatics and design system components and processes in accordance with standards, with an emphasis on privacy, security, public health, and safety.

PO4 – Graduates will be able to select and apply appropriate technologies and use modern software design and development tools. They will be able to predict and simulate complex engineering activities while understanding the actual constraints.

PO5 – Graduates will be able to develop their professional practice in computer science and engineering, considering and fully weighing issues related to society and culture and the responsibilities that come with it.

PO6 – Graduates will understand the impact of professional engineering solutions on environmental safety and legal issues.

PO7 – Graduates will become responsible citizens by adhering to professional ethics.

PO8 – Graduates will be able to function effectively in large multidisciplinary teams made up of people from different cultures, without forgetting the importance of everyone’s contribution.

PO9 – Graduates will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of engineering and management principles and apply the same knowledge and understanding when managing projects in a multidisciplinary environment.

P10 – Graduates will carry out self-study and lifelong learning in the context of rapid technological changes in Computer Science and other fields