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Civil Engineering


PEOs, Pos, PSOs and COs

On successful completion of under graduation in Civil Engineering, the graduates are expected to attain the following program educational objectives.

PEO1. Employ as a practicing civil engineer in construction, design, testing and allied fields.

PEO2. Engage in self-directed learning research or to undertake higher studies in the rapidly changing civil engineering environment.

PEO3. Create new methods / processes to meet the needs of the society with their civil engineering knowledge.

PEO4. Create themselves as ethical and responsible professionals with good communication skills and demonstrate leadership skills.


Several people including Head of the department, Assistant head of the department, Program Coordinator, Dean R&D, Professors and senior staff members having industry and academic Experience, Alumni representatives and Industry representatives are involved extensively in the process of establishing PEOs. This group considers the vision and mission of both the institution and the department, details of the department such as student admission quality, teaching & learning process, faculty and their research activities etc. Interest of the stakeholders, potential of identified industries, research organizations and higher educational institutions are also considered. Finally, the graduates’ expected career accomplishments and societal activities are considered. Consistency of the PEOs with the mission statement of the department is also ensured. The Department Advisory Committee (DAC) then finalizes the PEO statements which are then approved by the Academic Council.