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Project Description


To provide a strong foundation for engineering aspirants with advanced knowledge of basic sciences and humanities for life long learning.



  • M1:To strengthen the fundamentals of basic sciences and humanities through well integrated team and state of the art infrastructure.
  • M2:To impart academic and life skills with high degree of social consciousness and human values
  • M3:To promote co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for overall personality development of students.


The Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities caters to the needs of the students in Science, Humanities, Engineering and Technology programmes. It imparts knowledge in Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Environmental Science, Mathematics and English language. The Department ensures quality education and trains the students by constantly revising the syllabi in consultation with the experts from both academia and industry. The Department pays special attention to weak learners from the beginning of the semester, in order to produce good results consistently in the final examination every semester.


  • Physics Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • English Language Communication Skills Lab


Mr. D. Narasimha Murti
Mr. D. Narasimha MurtiHead of the Department
Dr. Ravi Kota
Dr. Ravi KotaAssistant Professor
Dr. Aditi Abhishikta
Dr. Aditi AbhishiktaAssistant Professor
Mr. Surakala Ram Prasad
Mr. Surakala Ram PrasadAssistant Professor
Ms. Hima Bindu Meduri
Ms. Hima Bindu MeduriAssistant Professor
Mr. T. Bhimaraju
Mr. T. BhimarajuAssistant Professor
Mr. P. Jayaranga Rao
Mr. P. Jayaranga RaoAssistant Professor
Mr. Palakollu Mahesh
Mr. Palakollu MaheshAssistant Professor
Mr. Prasad Vangapandu
Mr. Prasad VangapanduAssistant Professor
Ms. Chundru Maheswari
Ms. Chundru MaheswariAssistant Professor
Mr. Swaroop Raju
Mr. Swaroop RajuAssistant Professor
Mr. V. V. Gurucharan
Mr. V. V. GurucharanAssistant Professor
Ms. Hemalatha Pragada
Ms. Hemalatha PragadaAssistant Professor
Ms. K. Lakshmi Prasanna
Ms. K. Lakshmi Prasanna Assistant Professor

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